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daniele cantoni

Aldo Savini, taken from “Appartenere” - edizioni Edit 2008

At first glance, the recent works by Daniele Cantoni explicitly recall the optical-perceptive strivings of Op-art, since they have the appearance of effective virtuosity that explores and actively involves the mechanisms of visual perception. In other words, these pieces presuppose a special relationship between the image and the eye of the viewer, between the objet and the receiving subject, tending to produce effects that are both psychological and aesthetic. Texture are prominent, come together to create a three-dimensional aspect that can even give the impression of mobility.
Cantoni uses artisanal techniques of his own creation to recreate visual solution of structural frames from painted strips on a plastered base, with combination marked by gaps or combinations according to a geometric web, which solicit preordained and predictable responses from the observer. A simple shift in front of these compositions provokes different reactions, precisely because the principle of ambiguity at their core offers the possibility for a dual interpretation according to the theoretical principles of Gestalt psychology, so that even the lighting effects, although subdued, highlight a sort of ambiguity or optical simulation that flows from two-dimensional to three-dimensional perception.
The geometric lines – arranged vertically or horizontally and set deep back from the painted surface – bring their dimensional value to bear in creating many different combinations. A series of combination, arranged according to a variable perceptual order, at times recall through association the windows of Gothic churches, which out of context don’t always make it possible to see the scene depicted, but simply the colours combined in the light. But Cantoni is not interested solely in the formal aspect. The artist attributes equal value to the purely painterly component that – while sticking to a certain abstractionism that is not, however, informal in stricture – aims to express a universe of emotion connected both to the natural landscape and to the ambient light at different times of day.