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daniele cantoni

Daniele Cantoni was born in Castel Bolognese (Ravenna) in 1959.
He has been interested in painting since childhood and his first school years. In 1973 he joined the Ceramics Art Institute in Faenza, where he followed the Special Course in Moulding for over a year. Here he met the sculptor Angelo Biancini, for whom he worked out some moulds in the Institute.
During the same period Cantoni worked for the “Gemi d’Arte” Workshop where he was responsible for the clay objects. After his collaboration with the Workshop in Faenza he devoted himself to sculpture with plaster.
In 1978 with some friends he founded the “Circolo Artistico Castellano”, of which he became the President. The group displayed in the large rooms of Palazzo Ginnasi. Among the visitors who came to the studio there was also the sculptor Alberto Mingotti, who is still Cantoni’s friend. In the same year the “Circolo Artistico” gave their first group exhibition in the Town Auditorium of Castel Bolognese. This was a period of intense commitment which was to last until 1984.
In 1978 Cantoni met Alberto Gollini, a young art gallery manager in Imola, who displayed his exhibits permanently. In the same year in Sirmione he met the painter Felix dè Cavero who introduced him to the art gallery manager Gianfranco Majorana, who in turn invited him to exhibit his works in the San Michele Gallery in Brescia.
In 1979 he took part in a group exhibition in the Alba Modern Art Gallery in Ferrara, where he received the prize “Originality and Validity 1979”. In 1980 he took part in an important exhibition in Salsomaggiore Terme (Parma) called “Contemporary European Artists”. In the same year he joined another group exhibition for the “Serenissima Accademia della Signoria” in Firenze where he was awarded the “Golden Lion”.
In 1980 Cantoni met the sculptor Germano Sartelli from Imola, whom he recognizes as a master. In 1981 he held his first individual exhibition in Imola in the “Gollini Art Workshop”. In the same year in December he displayed his works in another individual exhibition in Castel Bolognese.
Then, for a few years, he concentrated on his work in his studio and started exhibiting again in 1987.
After the exhibition in Castel Bolognese he devoted his activities to pictorial research in his studio. In this period he carried out works on canvas and on wooden board, in which he developed the themes of his previous works. Lately, he has combined his original experience in sculpture with painting. He oil painted on a wooden frame, specifically designed for this purpose. These works were first exhibited in 2006 in the Town Art Gallery in Castel Bolognese.